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Singapore 7th grade Math programs??

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I can't decide what to do for Singapore 7th grade math!

I purchased NEM, and we've tried it this week. Ummm, it feels like a leap from Singapore 6. But my real question is what is the difference between New Elementary Math and Discovering Math.

Which is more challenging?

Are there holes in one that the other program addresses?

Why did Singapore make 2 programs?


I've tried posting this before, but I think it was in the wrong forum.

I did see a couple of replies, thanks so much to those of you who answered, but I'm still confused.


Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.



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Kristin, I started a bit before you and when I came to this level NEM was really the choice to make. The other two programs then offered were less complete and less rigorous. NEM still is the program that made the 8th grade test scores you hear about.


BUT as someone who hangs out on the Singapore Math boards, I'd probably go with DM now. The back up teaching materials are there, all the texts and workbooks are still in print and so forth. Plus I think you'll find it more alike with the lower level series you are using.


If you want to continue with NEM 1, you can probably do that. I, too, found the first six or so chapters in it to move incredibly fast compared to the year before, but we made it through and following materials didn't seem to be so hurricane like in their progression.

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