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Speaking of games....

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I was poking around on Amazon, looking for Christmas ideas for 8yo boys. One thing that came up was a board game called Totally Gross. It seems rather popular, but I've never heard of it. It's supposed to be science oriented. Does anyone have this, or have your kids played it? What do you think of it? Is it educational or just silly? A little of both?

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Ok, I went and got it off the shelf and looked through it, since it has been so long. I may drag it back out for the kids to play...


There are "labs" to do with every day objects, and activities.


Lab: Take an object, hold it straight out in front of you and let it drop. What natural force have you just demonstrated?



Activity: "get everyone wearing braces to smile. Now go for an inspection! See any food in there?....."


Questions like:


Is broccoli: a root, a stem or a flower?


What does a baboon do if it gets thirsty: lick the dew off its fur or get another baboon to pee in its mouth?


The most annoying thing is stretching the slime (which comes with it) to mark your progress on the game board. We've long lost the slime, and if I remember correctly it was a pain to use anyway. I think it can be easily done with other game markers.

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