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Family Ties Family Tree Science Project alternatives for Adopted kids

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The project is in the Usborne 100 Science Experiments. You're supposed to chart the eye color of your family tree to see the idea of DNA influences.


Our family tree was built through adoption so none of us are related.


So I am looking for an alternative project. Any suggestions?

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Scroll down to "tricky assignments"


ETA: More exact link: http://www.adoptivefamilies.com/articles.php?aid=295 Has the genetic chart assignment :)


ETA2: This came up for a family member and we just made the chart for the family. The kids *did* catch it.

The discussion was that it could happen in a number of ways (first off, it *is* possible genetically; second, families are made in a number of ways).

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If it is about 'inherited' traits, can you substitute the project to another species - family pets?


Or maybe investigate where various inherited traits come from in the world - ear wax dry/soft, red hair, lactose intolerance etc.


Yes it's about inherited traits. I thought about using our barn cats & the color of the kittens.

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