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need help asap, TOG yr 1 start with week 4?

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I am hoping for a really quick answer here! I started this year using an ancient history curriculum that I'm not completely satisfied with....:/ We are just beginning and so I am wanting to jump ship quickly (tonight, lol) and switch to TOG year 1. My question is, do I have to begin in week 1 (egypt), or can I start in week 4 (creation) and go forward till I come to egypt and then do week 1? It seems like in the classic version they gave you that choice but that was years ago and I no longer own it. So does anyone know if the redesign gives that option. If so, has anyone done it that way with success?

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Do you understand why they start with Egypt? If not, that's what I'd learn first. They have a good article on the topic in the curriculum materials. Short answer is because Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible and it helps a bunch to understand them if you understand Egypt where he was educated.

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