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3rd grade...


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Is this enough? If not, what would you add?



Phonics Pathways


Structured reading

Unstructured reading


The Complete Writer



2x a week

Sonlight science





ETA: Music and Art are taken care of at a weekly co-op and he is very involved in sports.

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Geography maybe? Or is it integrated into SOTW?


My 3rd grader is doing:

Daily: MCT, handwriting, structured reading (and he does loads of unstructured on his own), daily weather & moon log, math


We do various projects and readings for history so sometimes it's once a week and sometimes it's a small amount every day.


Geography: he has a certain number of pages (usually about 8-10) due once a week from his geography workbook.


Science is somewhat like history in the approach we take so it's 1-4 times a week with some projects that are on-going throughout the year (weather log, a biomes project, etc).


We also do art once a week.

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I'm new at this, but it looks good. I don't know if it's in FLL, but we also do spelling.


I am still working on ours. We are doing American History instead with a little of World History. Trying to do light/loose literature analysis such as plot, setting etc.


What do you do for structured reading? I've read TWTM only once and probably need to borrow it again.


Hope you don't mind, but how long is everyone's 3rd grade school day? Thanks!

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