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Food for a weekend trip

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So we're going out of town for a weekend this month and in order to do this I need to plan for food. We'll have lunch and dinner 3 days. (Breakfast, too, but that's super easy!)

We can MAYBE do one meal out, but I'm not sure yet - won't know for sure til then.

We will be away from our room for the lunches - one will probably be on the road (and I usually pack sandwiches for that), the other two will be outside. I believe we can take a cooler where we are going but I'm not 100% sure.

So for lunches (2) I need some creative 'packed lunch' ideas.

For dinner we will probably be at our room 2 of the nights, so I can make something. There is a small kitchen (all appliances and dishes there). Any simple (not a ton of work/ingredients) ideas/suggestions?

Help me out! :) I feel like I'm not super creative in this department. ;)



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How do you usually like to eat?

For dinners, you could do most of the food prep at home and just reheat there, as long as the hotel fridge will hold your prepped food. You could make spaghetti sauce and just cook the noodles there...or cook it all in advance and reheat. Something easy like grilled cheese and soup would be fast.

Chili or cold baked or fried chicken can be made in advance, and hot dogs/ mac and cheese are quick to prepare.


For lunches, homemade lunchables are cheap and easy ways to eat on the go. Sliced meat and cheese, crackers, fruit, drinks, and a pack of M and M's to share for dessert. We also like wraps- they keep really well and don't squish like sandwiches.

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I recently read in a post here that someone maps out the Trader Joe's in the area. They go to the store with a cooler, buy their favorites, take them back to the room and prepare them in the microwave. That might work for your dinners.


For lunches, we buy high quality organic lunch meat and fresh deli rolls from BJs or WFM. We take fruit and some favorite potato chips, and it's a treat even though it is pretty basic. If someone has to have mayo, you can use the individual packs and squeeze it on when you make the sandwiches.

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Make a lasagna ahead of time, freeze it, and reheat it for dinner one night. It will help keep any food drinks cold on the drive too! You could buy a bagged salad to go with it. For lunches, PbJ or cheese sandwiches, some fruit, chips, pudding and a cold bottle of water. You can make these up the night before in the room, and grab and go for the day.

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