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has anybody here used Breathe Right nasel strips??

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We use them from time to time. I think they are most effective for colds or allergies that have your airways a little smaller but not completely blocked. You just take off the plastic backing and put them across your nose right above where it begins to flare out. You should feel it pull your nose a little more open.

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Hubby uses them every night and they work great - very rarely does he snore now. The generic works just fine for him and saves us quite a bit of money. If the strips work for you, try the generic to see if they work. The handful of people I know who use them (and suggested them to us) all said the generic works just fine. This is the first time I've heard they haven't for someone. Maybe it's a nose shape or skin oil content or something (though hubby has a LOT of oil in his skin). He does clean the outside of his nose prior to putting them on.

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