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Please pray for dd10

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I have so much to do to get ready for school, it's not funny. One of the things we were finishing up with was some medical appointments. Today we had routine eye exams - or so I thought. Our eye doctor (who happens to be my SIL) called me to the back and told me that she saw some kind of a lesion that she can't identify on dd's eye. She said that it was hemorrhaging too. She wanted me to get her into a retinal specialist ASAP. She said that she's never seen anything remotely like this in someone dd's age. The only time she's seen something similar is in an adult having a stroke. We have an appointment with the retinal specialist at 8:30 in the morning. I'm canceling our dental appointments that we were supposed to have. She did say that is a possibility that dd has taxoplasmosis but while we do have a cat, dd has never handled the litter.


Update on this thread.

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Eye stuff is always scary. I had a bilateral spontaneous retinal detachment at age 28 that went undiagnosed for weeks - the doctors just never expected to find it in someone my age with no head injury.


Glad your SIL caught it & that you are going in bright & early tomorrow morning.


Will pray for your DD.:grouphug:

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