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Need recommendations for spelling (xpost)

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Since I didn't get any replies on the K-8 board...

So far we have been using Spelling Workout.

Link does great with it. I do feel like it is a bit of busywork, but I'm ok with that. He does a page of the lesson M-Th and a test on Friday. He seems to be a natural speller, anyway, and it's a breeze for him. We also do spellingcity and after the page is done in SW he plays a game on SC - just one game, one time, and shows me the score. On Thursdays I have him do the pretest.

Astro, however, does not do so great with it. :tongue_smilie: Now, this could be because of where he is reading-wise - he's still in what I guess is considered the 'decoding phase' - he still sounds out a lot of words. He's on lesson 194 of OPG and I have him read a book to me daily, as well. (Short, 'easy' books.) I try to not let him read a book to me more than once because I don't want him to just be reading it from memory. But anyway, he's a terrible speller. We started SW A halfway through last year, and we're nearly through it but his spelling isn't any better. His last test had 8 words - my, sky, play, away, they, cry, and a couple of others. They were ALL wrong on his test. He does one page a day just like Link - he does spellingcity just like Link. But for some reason it just doesn't click with him, even though he looks at/writes/spells the word multiple times over the course of the week... he still gets to the test and writes mi (my), ski (sky), pla (play), uwa (away), tha (they), and cri (cry). I can't remember the others but you get the point. :)

Anyway, what I'm wondering is this - is this something that I can expect to get better as he reads better? Should I just keep plugging along with SW? Or is there something else we could do that might work better?

(Note: I have no intention of changing curriculum for Link, and I did already buy the next couple of books for Astro. I could always save them and use them for Pink, I guess, if I did something else...)

TIA!! :bigear:

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