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How do you make stuff on the computer?


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I know this will show my total tech-illiteracy, but how does one go about making things on the computer? I don't mean your basic document in Word.


I often see things people have made to download and wonder how they did it. My kids love file folder games so I've downloaded quite a few of those. Right now I'd like to create a file folder game for my dd, but I don't have a clue how to start.


I'd also like to be able to make other "stuff" too, such as flyers, handouts, workbox tags, bookmarks, certificates, and anything else that suits my fancy.


How do I go about doing this? Do I likely already have a program that will let me do this? Is it difficult to learn to do?

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Do you have MS Publisher installed? It has lots of certificates, flyers and things like that.


I don't see it - but I do see all sorts of templates in my ms office project gallery. is that the same thing?


I forget about those a lot - and I think I'll browse them for some project help!


But I'm also wondering how to make something not from a template - a little bit more from scratch. Not drawing my own pictures or anything, but putting something together myself.


I have a mac if that makes a difference.

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PAGES!!! It's included in Apple iWork. I love love love Pages. You might not have it already, by try a Google search for pages templates to see the kind of things you can make with it. I use Pages for flyers, designing our HS newsletter and have used it to make a few digital scrapbooking type things as well.


Thanks! off to google!

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