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about dry beans

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So to try to shave some more pennies off the grocery bill, I bought a pound of dry great northern beans to use in bean soup. I have been making bean soup for years with canned beans that my kids like. I followed the directions for quick soak, then made the soup. The beans have a very different texture than the canned beans. My kids say they are "dry and papery" I noticed that some sort of skin came off a lot of the beans, and it is kind of papery. Did I do something wrong?

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The dry beans I use, have to week 12-24 hour first, then have to be boiled in 1/2 - 2 hours (depends on the beantype ) and can afterthat be used like canned beans.


So I start normally the day before with weeking.



What is weeking?


Also, OP, if they were cooked with tomato products before they were fully cooked, then the tomato can also change the texture of the beans.

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I cook my beans all day in the crockpot after soaking over night. Then I freeze in 2 c. batches. Maybe that would work better for you?

I also freeze mine in 2 cup batches for later use. It makes it so much better. I only soak mine an hour or so, or just plan on cooking mine longer.


I suppose google translate did not translate it well.

I think it should be soaking.

Ok, thanks! although I was hoping to learn some new, cool technique :D
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I put them in the crockpot all day also. For my soak I cook them on high in the microwave for about 10 minutes. Allow to rest in the water maybe 10 minutes. Then drain and add fresh water and crockpot. I just start my soup at this stage if that is what I am making.

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Yeah, doing a 2 minute boil and then a 2 hour soak is a substitution for an overnight soak. but canned beans are COOKED. So when you use dry beans, you have to soak them first, then cook them. I am also a fan of soaking overnight, changing the water, and cooking in the slow cooker at least 4-6 hours. also if you have hard water, use filtered water if you have a water filter, because hard water was named hard water because the beans dont soften as easily.

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