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Math help & suggestions

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This is not technically self-education, since I am taking a course through CC, but for women who have high school aged kids maybe can offer me some math suggestions for help?


I am not a math person. When I took placement exam at CC about two years ago, I got placed in remedial algebra. So, I had to take 2 or 3 courses to get to 'college algebra'.


I took college algebra and I thought I was done with math. But my advisor was wrong, so I have to take Trig this semester. Due to timing, I need to take this class online. Online it is so much harder and I struggle. The book has same format where examples aren't explained thoroughly and I end up stuck staring at the ceiling. (For example, Ex. #2 explains that all angles in a triangle adds up to 180) but there's no example/discussion of how to solve the more difficult problems that they show you later in the practice. (Literally on the next page) For what it's worth, I can add numbers to get to 180. :P I just can't make the "brain leaps" to show how that can get applied to different problems.


So, any ideas for books or resources that might help a non-mathy adult? I am open to anything! I am trying to explore all avenues.....

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Maybe watch the khanacademy videos online. I think they would have helped me way back when. They are wordy and take 20 minutes but at the end you should understand. My kids get bored! There are also practice problems after.


CK12 is another free resource. They have a trigonometry course. I have not looked at that one but the explanations look clear in the ones I have looked at.

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My CC does have tutor center, but we are down to one car right now and my DH works now from 4a-5p so it's not feasible for me to go right now.


I am looking at Khan Academy, and I will check out InterAct Math - it's probably the same as whats available for me online but I will look anyway. I'm also checking out CK-12!


Thanks for the suggestions.

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