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Help, kitty's sick...

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Two year old perfectly healthy, all of a sudden was vomiting yesterday consecutively ten times. Than about an hr. later fine. 5 hrs later gave her some crunchies,; little , hairball formula. Thank today 2x crunchie and 1/2 can of Merrick wet food and am cleaning throw up again. Ten times again tonite.


How long should I wait til I feed again , and should I try a different kind of food. No other symptoms. Acts normal otherwise.



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Hi Newbie,

Young, healthy cat think string or yarn or some other linear foreign material she could've ingested. Open her mouth with your right hand over top of head and thumb/fingers on either side of jaws and tilt head back. Lower jaw will pop slightly open, with left hand pull jaw down in middle with index finger and push up under jaw with your thumb, this will allow you to look under her tongue....often times you can see the string.


OK, that's my first thought. Strings wreak havoc in a kitty intestine. If you see string under tongue or coming out the back end get thee to a vet.


Other rule-outs: diet change, parasites (need fecal to confirm), hairball (try canned pumpkin, natural laxative). Sometimes hairballs can get REALLY stuck and need oral Barium, which is a compound we use with abdominal x-rays anyway to see if there is a blockage.


Some cats binge eat in which case they usually throw up immediately after eating, but not all day.


For sure if she is lethargic, dehydrated, etc. get her to the vet. You've given it 1-2 days already. The longer you wait on some things means sicker cat with greater risk of complications resulting in larger bill or lower chance of helping her.

Hope she does ok. PM me to keep me posted!


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