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x-post: Saxon Algebra 1/2 - when to do additional topics at end of book?

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I must be missing something, but I cannot find any instruction on when to incorporate the Additional Topics in the appendix of the Saxon Algebra 1/2.


Is there any guide for this, or could you share what you have done with these lessons?


TIA! :)

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In our Saxon 7/6 book there were "Investigations" every dozen chapters or so and so when I saw these "Additional Topics" I just assumed they were like that only instead of being incorporated throughout they clumped them at the back. But now that I'm really looking at them they seem more like they are fleshing out certain topics - so my first thought would be to match them up to a section of chapters - but for that I will be :lurk5::bigear: too.


And googling....

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