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"Straight Talk" by NATHHAN: Pros? Cons? Speechercise?

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I have both of these, but I haven't used them yet. Straight Talk has a lot more information. I just rewatched the video today. The 30 minute video goes through the progression of working with a child with the r sound. I found it very helpful.


Speechercise looks fun and would work as a good supplement to use with speech therapy.


My son was in speech therapy last year, and most of the sheets sent home to practice were either from Super Duper Publications or LinguiSystems.

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and when I read in their manual (Nathaan) speech problems are often self-correcting and, therefore, they didn't necessarily recommend trying to correct problems until beginning w/ age 7. I put the book away and my dd (now 7) has self-corrected most of it. It's barely perceptible now. I have drawn her attn to mouth formation and use of tongue here and there, like while doing phonogram practice or even in daily speech. But only here and there and not making a big deal with it - practicing or anything.


Also - disclaimer of sorts... It has been a couple of years since I read the manual but I do think I'm recalling this correctly.


Also, a friend who recommended it to me originally, said it really worked for a couple of her children who had more severe speech impediments than my dd ever did. Fwiw.


I hope others answer your questions better!



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My dd6 had her tongue clipped last year but she still has some speech articulation problems ('r', 's' 'l' etc.) Insurance will not cover speech therapy.


What are the pros and cons of "Straight Talk" and "Speechercise". Are there any other programs I should know of? Pros and cons of those? Thanks so much!




I own it, but have only begun to use it. It does have evaluation tools, as well as therapy tools. So far I have been able to pinpoint my ds struggles areas, which has helped tremendously.




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We used Straight Talk a few years ago prior to formal speech therapy. It did help some of the sounds. It did not help the lisp or the r sound. It did help the l sound.


Amazon has a great book called "Help Me to Talk Right". There is one for the r, s, and l sound. Our speech therapist highly recommended it. Again, it will not fix a lisp if you are dealing with that.


Our insurance also will not cover speech therapy. Have you contacted any local therapist or pathologists? Sometimes they will work on a sliding scale or something manageable can be worked out.

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