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Free Lesson Plan Template?

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Does anyone use one they love? (blank ones I can fill in)


I want to plan out the next few months as much as I can, since I plan to start hsing this year this coming August. With a new baby due October, and me being quite a distractable person, I need to have some things 'planned' out so that if we fall off the wagon I can pick a lesson plan and go with it.

I don't want to take *too* much time off after the baby so just want to prepare in advance. I already know what I want to do and have certain goals for this year etc. I just want to have things in writing for any given day.


Thanks in advance for any links/tips


Wanted to add: dd is 5 and doing "grade 1" so nothing too advanced required :)

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I agree with the above posters on Donna Young's site. Link


I especially like one of her subject planners. The one I use has 5 columns across, and 9 rows, is 4 pages long with the rows being numbered 1-36 across the pages (one for each week of the school year.) One subject goes on each set of pages. I like this format best because we tend to get behind or ahead in different subjects. With this format we can just check it off as we go and not have to be flipping between half done weekly sheets. Here's a link to the page this one is on. The file I'm talking about is the 2nd one down called Term Planner "Class Schedule".


The drawback of this type of form is that you don't see all the subjects you need to do on a given day on the same paper. To deal with this, I suggest the checklist sheet she has here. You list the subjects down the left side and days at the top. Then you can just check off each subject as you do it that day. This would also show how far behind or ahead you are in a subject as well.


To organize this all, I put it in a binder with tabs for each subject with the corresponding subject behind the tab for easy reference. The checklist is in the front.


Sorry about the long post, but I hope that it is helpful.



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I made a spreadsheet on excel that I used for 1st grade last year, so that it was easier for me to make changes when weeks or days didn't go as well as I liked. If you are interested i can show you a sample of it. It was pretty much 2 columns. In the left one I would just list out what needed to get done in a day (primer lesson, math pages, history or science, etc.) I would leave the second column blank, print it out and then could write any notes (done, she did the reading, only partly done, try this lesson again, you get the idea). You could plan out several weeks at a time. I usually just did a week at a time.


Felicia (almost 7) starting 2nd grade

Tory (5) starting kindergarten

James (3) Coloring, puzzles and playing

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