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Can we please come up with some sort of code for these ill-timed Christmas threads?

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Seriously, folks. I'm not even done planning for the school year yet, most of our school-related activities and clubs don't start for another week, and yet, these panic inducing threads keep popping up? I suppose it's too much ask to wait until Thanksgiving:). Can we at least wait until October? Humor us procrastinators, please!!

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They put out the Christmas threads earlier every year!



To coincide with the Christmas decorations in the store ;)


I think people have less money every year too so you need longer to save and plan.


Our school year starts in Jan. We don't celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving here either - so next major holiday is Christmas for us Aussies -which means we have nothing left to prevent us from thinking about it :lol:


My DS's birthday is next week - I know because the Christmas decorations go up in the store about a week before it :glare: After that we are done with family birthdays - so I am free and clear to focus on Christmas already :tongue_smilie:

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