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syllabary or phongrams?


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I *think* I'm using both. LOL I have The Phonics Toolkit which teaches how to determine the vowel's sound and word division through syllabication. The system then teaches all of the phonemes, etc. I was able to download the resource free some time ago, so I don't know that I would have purchased it. There are just so many phonics options!


Anyway, I have found that for spelling and decoding larger words, the syllable lessons are helping my kids. But we are also learning our phonics. Sometimes I skip around. For instance, if my oldest is learning a spelling word with a blend in it, I will go ahead and focus on that blend during our group study time. But I also have a set of flashcards from the toolkit to make sure I eventually cover all the sounds with my younger students.


Sound City Reading has a great set of cards that show all the spellings of each vowel sound in one set (i.e. the long "e" spellings are all printed in pink on a single card, long "a" in a different color and card, etc.) I have found those helpful for keeping track of the different ways a sound can be spelled.

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I'm trying to do both, but it's hard to find complete resources that complement each other instead of contradict each other.


Currently I'm using Don Potters Spalding like Phonograms that he prepared for Alpha Phonics and How to Tutor. But these phonograms don't line up with any of the prepared Ayres' lists.


If you doing cursive first, then a syllabary is easier than Spalding.

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