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Astronomy Ideas


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Have you tried taking a unit study approach? Maybe doing lapbooks on various Astronomical topics? Or maybe doing a sort of science fair type thing where you buy a poster board and just research online and add to your board? Do they want more hands on or just reading?

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Are you Young Earth?


... this links to an old astronomy thread from the Logic board that I like; those resources are not esp. old-earth. Of these, the "How the Universe Works" DVD series has been very popular 'round here.


The Schlessinger company has some good videos -- sort of old-school, not fancy, but we like them -- in their Space Science for Children series. I often find these at the library.


H.A. Rey wrote a constellation-viewing book for children that is terrific: Find the Constellations. Pair this with Glow-In-the-Dark Constellations ...


The Little Professor kits are very highly regarded, but a little pricey: here's astronomy.


... and here's a link to Simply Charlotte Mason's astronomy resources ...


ETA: Great book of space poems by Douglas Florian here; and the Amazing Pop-Up Geography Book has a nice little section on space; both assume a billions-year-old universe.

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We are using Apologia but I can see what you mean about it being boring. I have dd read it each day...just a page or two and tell me a sentence about what she read, we write it down for her notebook. This is her spine but not the fun stuff. Our fun is hands on type books:RSO, Jan Van Cleave's Astronomy for Kids, library books with space theme projects (look at some science project books for long term projects you can do).


Since you have the Apologia book already, I would use it but not as they schedule it. Just a section a day is easy reading. Then have fun. Let them come up with some things to do. Lots of hands on projects can be done with astronomy (I never knew this and am amazed at all we can do for fun..actually more then we can get to).


Go to the NASA site, there are interesting things for kids their to add to your study.

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