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due to a strange twist of fate, my rather uninvolved MIL decided to help us out this semester and watch my kids twice a week while I was in school :svengo: :blink:


She thought homeschooling them was going to be easy. :D


And it is!

In the course of two weeks, she has solved all the problems with getting homework done by offering a smile (some kind of apple slices with peanut butter and marshmallows that look like a mouth),refusing to let him have lunch until he finished it all (he was finished by 1:00 See how well that works!!) informed my 6 year old that her math was too hard and she didn't need to do it, and completely cured the 2 year old from running around naked just by telling him not to. And she gets everything picked up and cleaned the kitchen! it really isn't that hard


Oh the joys of having all the problems solved and in the first few visits!! Super Nanny she is!!!! Because in 15 years of parenting, I had no idea it was just. that. simple. Hubby is just shaking his head laughing. Since he grew up with her in a dirty filthy run down home, was allowed to do as he pleased and nearly flunked out of high school due to her brilliant parenting and educating skills, she is showing me how to do it!!!! Sigh, The kids just finished filling me in today with all the details of last week.


If we were not desperate, this would not have even be happening but it is what it is.


The reality of the day? I came home from a ball busting day of school (freaking all day school not just a class!) to fix dinner, do the laundry, and force the child to do his homework that he never ever did that day but said he did and wonder why in the world the toddler was going to the bathroom every 5 minutes (apparently he refused to pee or poop since she told him not to take his clothes off). And let's not even get into making my daughter understand that the math is not too hard for her and she can do it just like always. :tongue_smilie:


I'm going to need a lot of coffee this quarter.;)


But at least the kids are taken care of and I don't have to worry and take out a loan to pay a stranger I don't know. But gee whiz.... What other parenting issues should I get her to solve? I'm sure the HIVE can come up with some issues that she could solve that we just can't get fixed.:001_smile:

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I think all of us need to know why our shirts get little holes in it. She could win a Nobel with that answer...




Yes! I need an answer to this question. My dh says it is my acidic belly button :001_smile:


I agree that the OP has a good sense of humor about this. I did not have such a great sense of humor when my mom said something similar to me.



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