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University of Utah?

Beth in SW WA

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Do the math with WUE cost and without.


What will it cost at 4 years of WUE tuition price?


What will it cost if he pays out of state tuition for one year, then gets in-state resident status for tuition purposes and pays in-state tuition costs for the next 3 years? IIRC, he won't be able to get residency for tuition purposes if he does WUE. Is it cheaper in the long term this way?


Does one way end up costing less than the other? What if he ends up being there for 5 years? Does the WUE cost end after 4 years, and he then needs to pay out of state tuition costs for the 5th year? Getting residency avoids that, should it happen.


Of course there are assumptions made with either choice, but it is something to consider before committing to WUE (which is a good deal at many schools!).

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