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Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study?


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We haven't done it formally, but you might get some ideas from my partial list of topics we've talked about re Narnia. Interestingly, my kids are into it again now, and they're picking up on different aspects this time. Having Dawn Treader after a weekend of rowing, the nautical stuff came to the fore, while my eldest was musing about the economic ramifications of owning the magical Midas pool.


ETA: there are a few resources around for Narnia based studies if you have a Google.

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Cadron Creek's Further Up and Further In looks interesting. I have not used it as it was written long after my dc were all grown up. :)


Ds9 and I are using it this year. We are LOVING it! There are so many activities to pick & choose from so that you can do the ones that best suit your family. We have had some great discussions already, only being two weeks in to the study. I highly recommend it.

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