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Our school district just ordered this for us (along with Aha Math and their keyboarding) as part of our homebased program we are in (I chose these as part of what I wanted to order this year). I thought it would just be a subscription that my dd could use whenever she wanted this year...mostly just or some extra fun while learning something. Then the school found out that lessons have to be assigned and now our guide for our school program has to go through it now (it's under her account, I guess) and assign lessons. :confused: She's not even sure when she'll have time to get that all done. Jeepers....what does this mean? I'm wondering if I need to be commited to these programs now and how often (a couple times a week.....or, heaven forbid, daily??). I just wanted it to just be something fun, now it sounds like she'll have assignments to complete?? :glare:

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You can go through all the modules at one sitting and assign which activities are to be completed and which can be skipped. It would take a bit of time, but then it would be done for the whole year.


I personally just went in on Sunday afternoon, assigned the module she wanted to do for the upcominng week, then went in and marked complete on the specific activities she didn't want to do. For instance she didn't always want to do the games or the journal so I would just mark those as passed.


I loved this for dd13 last year. She added in some of her own projects, books and documentaries...it was so easy as far as planning. I wanted dd9 to do it this year but she turned her nose up at it.:glare:

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