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Science Fusion, Christianity, and teaching evolution?

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I dont want this to turn into A spiritual debate; Im hoping for some advice on how to teach the theory of evolution while keeping with your personal biblical beliefs? When my dc were younger I pretty much skipped over evolution, but now that they're older I want them to know both sides of the argument and why they believe what they believe. As I'm looking through Science Fusion there are practically 3 lessons all devoted to teaching evolution and not a single comment about any other possibility? I guess this is what to exoect when I choose a secular text so I just want some ideas for conversation as to spark curiosity, but not allow the text to dismiss the Bible. I realize that we have studied the Bible,and my dc know what the Bible says about creation, but how can I balance teaching that? Am I making sense? :001_huh:


I'm not a new Christian nor a new Home schooler. I guess my younger kids and I have never approached this in our texts so it's a bit difficult for me to effectively teach respect for others beliefs without seeming like I'm taking away from ours.


I really hope this post has not At all offended anyone. I am good-willed in my questions, only wanting to educate my dc on others beliefs.


Thanks for listening...

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I've done the same thing. While my dc are young, I want them saturated in truth. When they're mature enough to hear what opposition says, if they've had enough exposure to the truth, a little opposition shouldn't stump them.


Not sure the ages of your kiddos, but the 8th grade ABEKA science text is pretty much an entire year of comparing creation vs evolution. Teaches it in a way they'll be knowledgeable of the facts but from a Christian perspective.


Happy homeschooling :)

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