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I'm not getting sick again. Right? RIGHT??!!!??

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So. In case you're following The Saga. . . . . .


Back to somewhat "normal" this week. I rested as much as *could*, but did go teach co-op (Tues & Thurs morning) and piano lessons (Wed afternoon). Was tired Tuesday, but better Wednesday and even better Thursday.


Yesterday, I was just soo tired. Muddled through my day. Did ok. Woke up this morning tired again. After lunch, started coughing. Again.


Tonight, decided to bite the bullet and take my temp. Granted, we have a dorky ear thermometer (WHY do I use those?? I don't even trust it) But it says my temp is 100.6


So. I guess I'm relapsing. Last shot of antibiotic was 12 days ago.


Here's the thing: I've got ALL the meds prescribed to me the last time around. Never took my dose of steroids, so I have that. I've got my cough med with codeine. I even have all but one dose of clarithromycin (I'm not 100% sure I WAS allergic to that. Wondering if it was dehydration. . . . . . )


WWYD? Just go ahead and start meds tomorrow? My dh will be here to monitor me for antibiotic reactions. . . . . . (We don't have health ins. If I can save the $155 fee, I will. But I don't want to mess around, kwim?)


Or go to the dr (walk-in)? Or. . . my hubby's emailing our friend who is a GP right now. . . . . . .


To say I'm frustrated is an understatement. :glare:

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