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American History for 10th grader

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I am teaching 5 kids and All American History is said to be adaptable to all ages. So that is my #1 plan. I have AAH on order - if I get it and it doesn't look like what I want for high school history, I'll use AAH for the "littles" and I will go with BJU (prob) or A Beka textbook history.


I have heard good things about BJU and am familiar with elementary A Beka history so I feel confident all of the choices will be okay.


We considered Notgrass but my general discomfort was that I didn't know enough about the veracity of the text and apparently the lack of sources cited by Notgrass for the facts he assembled. Also, there were comments on this board about certain things not included in Notgrass? Don't quote me on that - if anyone wants info do a board search over the past few months on Notgrass.


Best wishes in your decision making.

Lisaj, ,teaching K,3,6,9/10,11

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We personally LOVED Core 100's history!! We used it for high school and really enjoyed it. We had some fantastic discussions!


Perhaps the History of US books are not difficult rigorous reading, but they are highly interesting. My older two boys and I did this core together and had a lot of fun with it. Also, remember, there are other books assigned to be read, plus current event reports and mini-reports, etc. It's a good American History curriculum. I wouldn't discount it as a viable choice. Truly.


I no longer use SL, and probably will not use Core 100 again, though I am saving it just in case, but I hate to see you not consider it due to the History of US reading level. ;) If anything, I would replace a few of the lit books for some out of the Core 400 literature package. The history, I felt, was fine as-is.

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That's what I did when my daughter did U.S. History her Junior year. We used Core 100 as written for my freshman son, and did Core 100 History with Core 400 Literature for my daughter. We also supplemented with the Ken Burns Civil War series, the Teaching Co U.S. History Dvd's and supplemental reading from A Patriot's History of the United States.


I also believe ithat Hewitt has a Hakim syllabus which includes tests for each book and a list of projects to be completed for each semester.



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