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Any ScienceFusion users out there? How's it going?


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Which grade level are you using? How are you using it? What do you and your child think?


Here are a few links about ScienceFusion for those of you who are unfamiliar with it.











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We've been using it for two weeks or so now. We are using the Life Science Module A : Cells and Heredity.


I don't like it...for us.


1. I find the online materials not very user friendly. I figured them out, but I can see it being a lot of work for some.

2. The material is fairly basic for us, my son who is using it reads all the time. He knows most of the material already.

3. I am irked they advertise a home school pacing guide to go with it. The guide is a very basic optional schedule. I really hoped it would have more assistance for adapting the program to home use.


All of the material is available online once you register your Module. You don't even need the book after that. It can be read online.


Some good things.


1. The whole thing is online once you register.

2. There is downloadable audio for all the textbook so you could listen to it on an iPod or mp3 player

3. There are digital activities not just the text online.


I really think it is a decent program, and excellent for schools. It doesn't work for us though.


On a side note, I might try using it for my 9 year old. It might suit him.


I'll add more later if I think of it, my brain is mush today.

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