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I just got back from a meeting at which I put in a request to start a volunteer organization to help out the seniors and disabled in our community. Now I have to figure out the logistics. :001_huh::lol::tongue_smilie:


I suppose we'll have a phone and form system for the webless people, but I want some sort of site to list jobs needing to be filled and, ideally, for the volunteers to check them off online. Is there something (cheap) to fill that need, or should I just resign myself to managing a blog that will have to be manually updated?

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I just went through the tutorial, and I can't imagine a better set up. Thanks SO much!


You are welcome. I've never set anything up but I do receive the requests to fill jobs and the e-mail reminders. I like it from my end.


The coordinators said good things about it also.

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