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Developing Linguistic Patterns through Poetry Memorization CDs


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Today I made a pit stop with the kids to the local used book store. In addition to the typical used books, they have a very small homeschooling section, as well as an audio books/media section where DD likes to look for Magic Tree House CDs. While I was looking through the audio section, I came across the Pudewa CDs for Developing Linguistic Patterns through Poetry. It was marked 8.00 and then it was a tag eligible for half off that day, so it was $4. It does not have the text with it.


Do you think it is usable without the text? I did a quick search and saw an old post where someone mentioned using just the CDs with their kids.


Any tips or things I should know? I haven't gotten to listen to it yet.


I have never used or encountered IEW materials before, so this is totally new to me. My eldest is 8.5.


I believe it has a DVD with it as well, which is one reason I was wondering if it could be used sans text. I'd love it if I could just get some use out of the CDs and could avoid shelling out additional $$. For 4 bucks, I thought it was worth a try. From skimming some old threads it sounds like there are schedules and so forth in the text, which I don't think I would really need. Apparently there are also tips for memorizing in the book, but I'm wondering if any of that is covered on the DVD. My kids have done some very short memory work through Presidential Penmanship, but we've stuck mostly with very short pieces thus far. DS1 has completed WWE2 and is working on WWE3, so he has some experience with working from dictation and trying to hold those thoughts in his mind.

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Wow, the CDs are $40 (or were when I bought them) You got a great deal.


If you look on the IEW website for the curriculum, the PDF samples at the bottom are all you need to see. Some of them are the table of contents of the poems and some is the introductory essay in the book.


We love the program, but we don't follow his schedule, we do the poems on the Simply Charlotte Mason Memory System instead.

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I agree that you got a great deal!


If I understand correctly, all of the poems in the book are public domain, so as a PP mentioned, you should just be able to print off the poems as you need them.


The nice advantage is that you will only need to print what you need, instead of lugging around a book or poems, or worrying about misplacing the book.

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