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Best books to read aloud

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Similar to my movie thread. :)

I'm curious as to what books are on your 'must read' list with your kids. Obviously the kids themselves will go through a lot of books and read them, but there are some that are just so much fun to read with them, kwim?


So far we've read: Mr. Popper's Penguins, Peter Pan, Abel's Island, and all of Narnia (well - almost. We have a week left in The Last Battle). We may have read another one or two last school year that I don't remember.

This year on our list we have Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The Borrowers, The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Canterbury Tales, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, The Wind in the Willows, Shakespeare, and Treasure Island.

Others I own are James & The Giant Peach, Charlotte's Web, The Hobbit, The LOTR books, Marguerite Henry's books, Sarah, Plain and Tall, A Christmas Carol, The Jungle Book, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Number the Stars, So Young to Die, Caddie Woodlawn, Sounder, Sadako, Shiloh, Old Yeller, Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry, The Wizard of Oz, The Incredible Journey, Harry Potter 1-7... as you can see, we have a lot. But not all of them are necessary for reading aloud, I'm sure.

So, what are some great ones? :bigear:

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It is a Big Deal around here every time we start reading the Winnie the Pooh books to another preschooler.


DH read Treasure Island to the kids, and they loved it. The Hobbit too.


I've read the Little House books to them. They loved the Henry Huggins and Ralph S. Mouse books a lot.


We listened to the first two of Ralph Moody's Little Britches books on CD/tape, and the children loved those. Those are particularly good to read aloud (or to listen to) if you can give a different voice to each character, as the distinct voices really add to the listener's understanding of Ralph's perceptions of his family and friends.

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We love the Penderwick series by Jeanne Birdsall. We read all 3 and then less than a year later we read them again! Written so well. Not cheesy or dumbed down. And even though it is about 4 sisters, they are vicious soccer players and love science so it's not a girly girl book by any means.

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I'm groggy this morning....can't think of too many but will add later when (hopefully the sudfed & motrin will have kicked in)


3 of our absolute favorites:


Understood Betsy

Miracles on Maple Hill

Anne of Green Gables

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