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What printer do you have?

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It appears our printer/copier is dead.:tongue_smilie: I have had a love hate relationship with this thing since we first bought it. It takes a lot of ink to do the basics and the cartridges are expensive. I would like one that doesn't take an arm and a leg in ink to print, isn't excessive in cost but still does a reasonable job.

What do you use that you have really liked?

What have you not had good success with?

Please share.:001_smile:

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I have an Epson WP-4020. It is the only printer I've ever had that I have liked over the long term.


Paper hasn't jammed yet.


It holds a lot of paper.


It prints fairly quickly.


It cost me around $100.





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I have a separate scanner and 2 printers, and i'm very happy. here's the run-down


the scanner was originally bought for dd as a present. she wanted it because she was doing art on paper and wanted to scan it in. When she moved on to using a drawing pad, i inherited the scanner. it is a cannoscan 8400. i doubt that model is still around, but i looked at a lot of reviews before i chose it.


the older printer is a color inkjet which can also print on 9x5 photo paper (using a separate cartridge). the ink does not dry out super-fast like the old all-in-one my mother 'gave' my son . .we ended up throwing it out because if we only used it once a month, we still needed to buy more ink every 2 months!


My printer is definitely no longer made. its an HP Deskjet 5550. Again, i looked for good reviews on amazon and best buy.


My first laser printer was a really old one i picked up for $20 at a church yard sale. It came with a used toner cartridge and died before the cartridge was empty. I replaced it, again, by looking at reviews on line. Usually they say that cost of use, laser printers are cheaper, but my cartridges were pretty expensive so the reviews were iffy on that. But its been a great performer - HP P1102w. It is also wireless, making it easier to share with everyone in the house plus my ipad! I started buying refurbed cartridges from cartridge world, which is about 40% cheaper, I think.


while its a bigger investment, i think buying the two parts separately you get better quality that lasts longer. of course, you also need to buy more shelves . . . .

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I have a cheapo Kodak printer.


:iagree: Me too! The ink is cheap, but I seem to run out more quckly than I did with my old printer (Lexmark). The Lexmark cartridges were pretty expensive, and I wasn't too keen on the printer. I'm not much help - lol! I would love to find a better printer too. ;)

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We bought the HP Photosmart 6510 e-All-in-One Printer (B211a) printer last week when we found out that the movers broke our old one.


So far I LOVE it! We tried to compare the cost of replacement ink, etc. while we were shopping. I really like this one because it doesn't take up much space (or rather, less than my old one) and because it will print 2-sided if I need it.

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Thanks, everyone. I am going to check these out.

One of my sons has a Lexmark and they really like it. I guess the black ink is very cheap but the color is pretty expensive. I don't do color very often but when I do I want it nice.

I do want the double side printing and auto feed if possible. They save so much time and paper.

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