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Teen Night Games?

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This year I am hosting monthly Teen Nights, for our homeschool group. I am looking for game ideas. In the past, they have played "Just Dance" on an Xbox, played hide n seek outside, or just "hung out." In our neighborhood, the hide n seek is not an option I would like to use if we don't have to, and I think Xbox will get old after awhile.


My house is not huge, so I am looking for indoor games that wont take a a lot of space. There will probably be about 20 kids coming. One idea I have had was putting them in teams, pouring out a pile of Nerds candy, and then seeing which team can separate them into colors first.


Any other ideas???

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Minute to Win It always seems to be a big hit. Pinterest has a variety of Minute to Win It games listed. Spoons also seems to be a favorite with the teens. If you want a food activity, my teens and their friends love it when we do a sundae, shake, or smoothie bar.

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We often do Teen BUNCO nights with a theme. Holiday BUNCO with white elephant swap or have the kids bring a large candy bar. Person with the most points gets 2 bars. Everyone else gets to pick a candy based on point level. Whatever is left... is for those who did not get high scores. We do a dessert potluck halfway between and let the kids snarf on sugar. Some nights it is pizza and BUNCO which is a big hit.


Pool parties are fun. Stop the party half way and do a dance competition or group "flash" dance to an old hit. If it is girls, they will all dance. Grill up some burgers and hot dogs.


Teen movie night. Let parents know what the movie choices will be. Have a big potluck spread of food. Watch movie half way and then break for snacks. Do a game after the movie like

and play the party quirky guest. Eat more food.


If the weather is good, we used to play kickball as a teen group. They loved it. Then we met at the leader's home (she lived across the street from a park) for snacks.


Scavenger hunts in the neighborhood are good. You have to be in teams and use the checklist to photograph the item digitally. Come back and compare who found what. Prizes for those who got all items. You will need a parent to volunteer with each group, tho' and supervise them. Offer snacks afterwards.

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The last time my ds hosted his teen group's game night, they spent most of the time playing Apples to Apples. Then they saw our big whiteboard and moved to hangman. Some found our keyboard and started Name That Tune, and I think they played charades for a while. Maybe it was that it was a particular group of homeschooled teens, but I was impressed at the number of games the 18 of them came up with -- we had a bunch of other party games like Taboo and Pictionary that they didn't even touch.

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Board games. They could not all play the same game at once, but if you have several tables you can get a different game at each table. Apples to Apples, 7 Wonders, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Betrayal at House on the Hill (if a haunted house theme would be acceptable), Dominion, Pandemic, and King of Tokyo are all games that are different enough to be engaging to teens. There are all kinds of board games now, it's not like when we were kids and you just rolled the dice and did what the space directed, some of these games now really make you think.

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