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Thank you to everyone who prayed for DD. She's home safe & sound!

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She now has three days off and hopefully the city will settle, though at present, it looks dicey...double homicide yesterday the worst thing amongst MANY violent events. Sigh....


But, last night she was "loaned" to an outlying area that had both of their paramedic crews out sick or completing long transports and therefore didn't have any rigs on call nearby. So, she was stationed away from the crazy.


Her only comment about the shift was, "You can't cure stupid! That's why I will always have job security!" She didn't elaborate, but I can just imagine.


She's seriously tickled pink to have three days off and I think she's planning to "have a social life" this weekend. :001_smile:


I do so appreciate everyone who prayed for her safety as well as dh and I and her fiance! The Hive always has our back and that is VERY comforting.



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