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Love it!


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My older twins have just started FLL4 today and they have been the know it alls in the family. They think they know it all and feel like they don't need anymore grammar or language arts for that matter.


Anyways, I gave them the MCTLA pretest today for Grammar Town.




They said, "Wow! This made us feel dumb."


I said, "No, you are not dumb, but it just means we have lots to learn!"


It is going to be a good good year!


Looking through the MCTLA stuff tells me it will blow them away.


Anyone else have a curriculum that does/did that to your kids? Humbles them?

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I have noticed that there has been some retention issues with FLL as well.


I love the program still because it is a no brainer for ME.




However my kids are not showing that they remember what questions that an adjective or adverb answers and still asks me what an adverb is....or if such and such is an adverb ---UGH!


So hopefully we can get down to the bottom of this misery with MCT.


Yes the Beast Attack.

My daughter answered one starred problem that stumped the two of and was so thrilled. It has taken us two weeks to get through this one page and we still have two problems to go. SIGH! Pentiaminoes one.



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