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Pricing books for a yard sale?

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I have googled. I have searched the forums. I've found great information on pricing for clothes, household items etc. What I'm not finding is information on pricing for books (or what I found seems overpriced to me).


What should I charge for paperbacks?

Does it matter if they are kid paperbacks?

Hard cover books?

Curriculum/ Work books - what if there is some writing in it?

Curriculum / workbooks - with no writing?

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Depends on your area. Here romances sell for about 25 cents each, as well as other paperbacks. Hard covers for about 50 cents. If it is special or very desirable, I might put more. Most used books stores sell them for 1/2 to 1/4 of the original cover price, no matter if it is paper or hard cover, as long as it is in good condition.

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Our local library's used book sale is $1 for hardbacks, 50 cents for paperbacks.


If you have quite a few books worth over $10, I would suggest Amazon or Half.com.


I'd also try to sell used homeschool curriculum thru your local hs group--you won't get much for it at a yard sale.

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