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S/O the income thread: Are you a homeschooler?

Are you homeschooling?  

  1. 1. Are you homeschooling?

    • Yes, I provide the majority of instruction for at least one child.
    • We afterschool. Does that count?
    • No, my kids are in a public/private/charter school.
    • No, but I'm thinking about it.
    • No, but I used to.
    • Other

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My dd is 2 so I am not officially homeschooling her. I do stay home with her, I do read with her, we do lots of things that are intentional. I spend time researching things that I want to do in the future and working out in my mind what is important and what isn't. Dh and I also discuss lots of things with homeschooling. I came across this board after talking to a coworker several years ago about classical education. We do plan to homeschool through high school.


ETA:I voted yes even though she is not school aged, we aren't officially homeschooling IMO, but we are being intentional in teaching her and will continue to do so.

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Homeschooler - all four children.


DD21, Paramedic and 70 credits into a degree in chemistry/pre-med. Homeschooled 1st -4th, private schooled 5th - 1/2 of 7th grade, homeschooled from then through high school.


DS15.5, Pre-K and K at private school, homeschooled since.


DS13.9 (very excited about becoming 14 :001_smile:), pre-K private school, homeschooled since.


DS12 homeschool only


Afterschooled/tutored honorary DD (also 21) for 2 yrs. and homeschooled a niece we had temporary guardianship of for 1 yr.



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I consider myself a homeschooling mom of two, but, legally, my boys are public school students. We are enrolled in a public charter school, and they have a "teacher of record." We do the teaching, we select the curriculum, we set the pace and provide and evaluate all the work. We go in to the school once a month and the boys talk about what they've been doing and the teacher selects a few samples of their work for their records. In exchange, we get free curriculum (though I always buy extra), $70 per month to spend on classes, and minimal paperwork hassle. So, do I need to change my answer, or do I homeschool?

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I put "used to" but I only did it for one semester. Now I afterschool.


As for whether I'm responsible for the majority of my kid's education . . . well, it depends on how well their school steps up to the plate. So far, there have been very few things my youngest has encountered in school that she didn't already know inside and out. (Other than how to convert milk money into after-school snacks. :glare: ;))

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I homeschool two of my children. Alexa, almost 12, who I pulled out of public school because of the cupcake haters (just kidding) and began homeschooling in March of 2009. Ben, almost 7, who has never been to any public preschool/public school (I homeschooled him for K last year and we're doing 1st grade this year).


My older daughter, Melissa, is 20 years old and she's been in school (either private or public) her whole life, in special needs/special ed/life skills type classes. She is still in such a school. This is her last year since she will turn 21 this year and can only go until the year she turns 21.

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I voted other. I've been on the forum since my oldest was only 8 months old and we're officially homeschooling preschool. I'm teaching her how to read and beginning math skills. But I don't consider myself a homeschooler yet. I will do that when she would otherwise go to school, which is in a year. We have every intention of homeschooling, though.

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I'm a yes vote. We'll start our 7th year on Tuesday.


Everett, age 13 went to PS for K and half of 1st (two different schools in two different states) but has homeschooled since.


Annika, age 10 went to a church preschool for exactly 1 week before begging to never go again, has never gone to a B&M school other than 1 year for Speech therapy services.


Lucas, age 7 has never gone to preschool, or any other school at all.

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I use (this year) a hybrid mix of homeschooling and a cyber charter school for two children and I have two other children in a brick and mortar public school. Last year I homeschooled two and had two in public school. I also have two homeschool 'graduates' who attended both public and private school before homeschooling high school.


I'm open to finding the best options for the particular child and the particular family situation. I'm also much too critical to just passively accept the curriculum that our cyber charter handed out to us. I do not use the math or LA we were given at all. I teach using math and LA curriculum I have chosen and purchased out of pocket. I think I'll just have the kids fill out the tests and assessments for the charter school once every few weeks, and be done with the year's worth by Thanksgiving.


The charter school also refuses to permit my kids to take courses beyond their age-grade without a gifted IEP, and I'm not sure if I want them tested. My brick and mortar kids are gifted and sick and tired of non-credit 'enrichment' and the unrealistic expectations that go with having a gifted IEP. And I'm rather curious what exactly the charter school will do if we finish up all of their tests and assessments before Christmas. Just tell my kids to 'hang out' until the following August? What about compulsory schooling laws?


If the charter school really doesn't work out for us we'll go back to homeschooling and it won't matter what kind of number they have assigned to their IQ. I'd rather they think of themselves as hardworking instead of gifted anyway.


I also add in and enrich as I see fit for each child.

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