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WWYD: International Money order issue revisited

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I asked (last week I think) this before in another thread.


A buyer paid me with a MO for a set of books. I reduced the cost from $17 to $15 (I think I have the figures right).


The MO is an international MO and my bank will charge me $30 if it is not valid after they deposit it. If I cash it with them and it bounces they will charge me $15. I checked the issuer's website and there is no authorized cashing agent near me. Today I called a check cashing place to cash it b/c they said they verify MO before cashing them. The employee says there is no way they would collect from me if the MO is bad b/c they will verify it.


Seems good. I dragged myself out of the house because I need medicine for this awful cold and stop at the check place on the way. I get there and there are signs everywhere that say there are fees if your check doesn't have funds (seems like that would apply to a MO too). To 'verify' the teller calls the phone number on the MO, which you are never supposed to do. After she 'verified' she wanted me to hand over my driver's license and give her my SS # on the back of the MO. I did not cash it. No way Dh would be happy to hear I just handed over all my info for $15!


I already emailed the buyer and told her I'm having difficulty cashing her MO.


SO I'm left with several options. Which would you do?


1. Cash the MO at my bank and mail the items. If I get charged the $15 I'll only lose the shipping and I can look at it like I made a nice contribution to a fellow homeschooler.


2. Cash the MO and wait to see if I get charged by the bank b/c the MO is bad. Only send the items after I know the MO is fine.


3. Send the MO back to the buyer.


If you can think of something better, let me know!


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Wow. I can't believe you're still dealing with this! I would send it back in a heartbeat and tell the buyer you can't find a place to cash it.


You can tell her that you can will accept a US postal money order ~~ my parents send them to me all the time and they are cashed on the spot at any post office. They check them right there to be sure they are "good" and there are no fees to pay. You get your money and you are done.


I used to work at a bank and we *always* put holds on MOs that weren't backed by either the PO or Western Union. There is a huge fraud issue with MOs, especially those sold in convenience stores.


I sure hope it works out for you. Selling has become such a hassle!

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What company issued the money order? Western Union, Moneygram, or a different company? It seems you could go to that companies website and find a number to call and verify the funds yourself before cashing it. I used to verify MOs that way back in the days before Paypal.

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