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Kids pajamas without flame retardant chemicals

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I have the worst time finding warm pjs without flame retardants. Does anyone know of a good source?


Right now, I buy 100% cotton two-piece or one-piece with feet pajamas that are free from retardants from Carter's, or Hanna Andersson zippers, but they're not warm enough when he's in his crib in the winter. The Carter's fleece pjs are treated so I don't buy those.


I will probably buy used fleece pjs with feet (blanket sleepers) for him from the local consignment store, in the hope that most of the chemicals have broken down and been washed off over time. But does anyone know of another source for fleece or cotton flannel pjs for toddlers?


I was looking for flannel pjs for my older kids also, but I keep finding polyester flannel that's been treated. Where can I find cotton flannel that has not been treated?

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Pajama pants are incredibly easy to sew. You could buy some warm fabric to make the pants, and buy plain cotton shirts to wear on top.


That's a good thought. I don't have a sewing machine, would it take forever to do by hand? My mom is a professional seamstress and she could do it, but she's so slammed with work for her business that I hate to ask her. Maybe if I request she make the kids some for Christmas...

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