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Help - French homophones/homophonic endings for auditory learner?

Joan in GE

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I'm asking this for a friend whose daughter is not at all a visual learner and so doesn't recognize when a word is misspelled...With all the endings that sound the same in French - she has no clue which one it should be...She went through many years in the French (Swiss) public school but started home ed more recently...


So I'm wondering if anyone has experience with materials in French (for French) which address this type of problem?


If anyone has materials in English for English spelling that would be helpful, but I will also do a search and if necessary a cross-post on the Special Needs board for that....


Thanks for any help!


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Hi loesje!


Thanks for trying to help!


I think that her situation is pretty difficult and that reading the sites would not help much - she is already about 12 with years of school spelling classes that haven't seemed to help.


What is the dyslexic program that you know about?



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It is a Dutch one...

But he seems very helpfull, so you might want to contact him to ask if you can use it also from English-French.




I thought that if we have some special dyslectic courses for learning French and English, other countries would have something like that too...




Thanks loesje - I'm going to try to contact him because I think most Dutch speak English well - right? ETA - I just did this and could do it thanks to Google translate.:-)


Maybe it is also a question related to ADD - maybe if he doesn't have any idea I'll start a thread with a different title....



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