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Everyone know about tennis balls and walkers?

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I have no Internet at home (I guess that's what verizon does when you pay too late!) but great wifi here at therapy, so i get to post. :)


Lately I have come across a number of people that had no clue that tennis balls put on the back legs of a walker makes it glide much easier.


I'm putting it out there! Take 2 tennis balls, cut a small slit in them on a seam, and shove them on non-wheeled walker legs. It makes a huge difference on carpet, it gets caught less going through doors or rugs, and sounds soooooooo much better on concrete.


If you knew this, great. If you didn't, now you do. Never let a walker drag without some balls. :tongue_smilie:

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It's a common teacher trick for school-type chairs, too.


All of the classes in my kids' elementary school have tennis balls on the bottoms of the chairs (and the desks too, I think?). Makes it so much easier to scoot their chairs in and out.



Why do they not just make walkers with an appropriate surface on those feet?


I have often wondered this??? Maybe the walker manufacturers have a big stake in the tennis ball companies??? :confused:

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