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So fed up!

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Today was our first day of officially homeschooling. My two older girls go to school twice a week and are at home three days a week. School started yesterday so today was the first day of assignments. My SN child was out of control. Her Algebra teacher gave her an assessment to do today. She was supposed to spend an hour on it and there was the mistake. There was nothing from Pre-algebra on it. Everything I am positive she is capable of doing. She did 18 problems and put question marks by the rest. :glare: We did review all summer. She should been able to answer 40 out of 50, easy. Her teacher gave her way out by saying just put a question mark by the ones she didn't know. Everything that required more than 3 seconds of thought was passed over. I had her work a few of the problems that I knew she could do. It turned into a 2 1/2 hour long process that she complained and argued about the whole entire time. After lunch she was to read 3 chapters of history (maybe 20 pages). She lied about reading it twice before finally finishing reading at almost 6:30 (she did have run team for 1 1/2 hours in there). I finally lost my cool by the end of the day when she wouldn't finish her assignment. I felt so well prepared for the day too. It is really frustrating because there was no reason at all why she could not have been done before noon. Today was pretty much the easiest day of the school year and this is what I got. I'm really not looking forward to the rest of the year (this is basically a continuation of last year). To make it even worse her significantly younger sister was totally on top of all of her assignments. The differences were glaringly obvious today.

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Thanks! There really are so few people that really understand. Fortunately I do have an irl friend that lives in the same situation.


My 13yo is diagnosed ADHD-Inattentive. She also has some auditory processing issues. The biggest issue is she is waiting for things to change for her, but she is not willing to put any effort into changing her situation. She is really big on making everyone on the outside think she is cool, calm and collected. She never wants me to talk to any of her teachers about problems at home. I am glad that she has no behavioral issues at school. People would never guess the issues we have with her. On the other hand it is frustrating because I'm not sure if a lot of people get the severity of the problems because she has it so together in public.:glare: So combine the normal teenage stuff with all of her behavioral issues and there are a lot of days that way more bad happens than good. I've just reached a point that I'm not sure how worth homeschooling is with how disruptive it is to the other 5 of us.

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This is an amended response to something I wrote earlier. Students require a certain level of maturity to learn algebra. I know some families that go slowly with algebra and take two years. I consider fifty problems in one sitting to be entirely too much. If you can, stretch the math out and do it daily and in shorter segments. Maybe knock out 10 problems when she gets home from class. For the day after, maybe 15 problems in the morning and 15 in the afternoon.


The classroom style of teaching may not suit her. Is she sitting in the front row? The teacher may not teach conceptually or be very good. Consider standing back and decide if your DD is where she needs to be. My guess is that she requires daily work for shorter amounts of time. There are many great homeschool choices for math. What algebra program is the class using?


You also mentioned reading. Have you considered books on tape? DS listens to books but has taught himself to listen at a higher speed.

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Her math work was not Algebra. It was very basic math problems like what is 2*cubed. 50 problems may have been a bit overwhelming, but just going by what she said she used the instructions from her teacher as a way to do as little as possible. :glare: She has not been introduced to Algebra at all this year. As time goes on it may be determined she needs two years in Algebra, but at this point she is one of the top students in her class.

My issue with yesterday was her work at home. She does very well at school and that makes it all the more frustrating. She is totally capable, but I'm just the dumb mom who knows nothing and isn't really her teacher. Her attitude is the biggest problem of all. It is very difficult to have 3 other kids and homeschool 2 of them when my ODD is throwing some kind of fit over having to actually read her history.

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