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Alex et Zoe - What do I need?


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I'd like to purchase Alex et Zoe but I can't figure out which books I actually need, it looks like some packages overlap their contents so I'm just getting confused :confused: Is the Cahier de L'eleve the same as the Cahier d'Activites?


I presume I need the Guide Pedagogique 1:


Then do I need http://www.bookdepository.com/Alex-ET-Zoe-ET-Compagnie-Nouvelle-Edition-Colette-Samson/9782090383300

as well as http://www.bookdepository.com/Alex-ET-Zoe-ET-Compagnie-Nouvelle-Edition-Colette-Samson/9782090383317

or just http://www.bookdepository.com/Alex-ET-Zoe-ET-Compagnie-Samson/9782090316650


(& feel free to recommend a different site to purchase it from).



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Hope that helps a bit--bonne chance!



Thanks HG! I didn't realize there were so many required parts to this program!


Does anyone know if the CD sold separately is different than the CDs which come included with some of the books....?

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Yep, the cd included with the book is different than the audio cd(s?) with the dialogues and songs. I just discovered that while lesson planning... Now I have to find the audio CD at a less-than-crazy price, or just read the dialogues from the guide.


Ok thanks! I'll let you know if I come across it at a reasonable price.

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Cahier d'eleve is a textbook here and cahier d'activites a workbook :-)

A student CD has normally only the songs and some poetry (if available), a class CD has ALL the dialogues. (some curriculums record dialogues in 2 paces), a student CD can also contain some practise software.

The Guide Pedagogique is normally pretty essential in Elementary Level.




Thanks for the clarification!!

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