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Time to write a transcript... are there instructions somewhere?

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Obviously I have everything recorded and written down from the last 3 years and the plan for this upcoming year but now I need to put it in a 'send to colleges' format. A couple of schools she is applying to have a form they want us to use but most don't. Does anyone have a sample of transcripts they have used? What information should I include? Do they want detailed descriptions of each course? Do they want book lists? Textbook titles? We also have a few grades from online courses. Do I just mention that I can provide documentation? Do I sent that separately since most of these are applied online?


Let's hear it ladies - transcripts for dummies info needed!!




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I used a template from a hs friend online -- you can also create your own using MSWord or Excel. Very easy.


My transcript has student info, DOB, address, school info and the following categories -- on one side of an 8.5" x 11" paper:


English (Credit Earned & Final Grade)

* 4 years of courses listed


Mathematics (" ")

* 4 years of courses listed


Science (" ")

* 4 years of courses listed


Social Studies (" ")

* 4 years of courses listed


Foreign Language (" ")

* 2 years of courses listed


Electives (" ")

* Drama, Driver's Ed, Test Prep, Volunteer hours/Community Service, Health, Computers, Robotics, etc


There is a part at the bottom for total credits earned, GPA, ACT scores and (*) explanation for any courses taken as Dual Credit at _______________ school. Then at the very bottom is a blank for my signature and date.


Some people like to list by year what classes were completed. I like to lump them all together for the college to see simply by category what was completed. I also have a large portfolio (binder) filled with course descriptions/proof of all tests, grading, reports, book lists, textbooks used, and more -- by subject. But most colleges don't want to see the binder. Only the transcript. HTH

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Resources on Transcripts:

Lee Binz, The Home Scholar: transcripts

HSLDA Association newsletter articles on transcripts

HSLDA sample transcripts

Donna Young website: transcripts

Transcript Boot Camp DVD, Transcript Pro software; for a fee resource

"College Prep Homeschooling" by David & Chandra Beyer

"Homeschoolers Guide to College" by Chris Backe



Past Threads on Transcripts:

- High school transcripts, where to start?

- What do you use for high school transcripts?

- Are you willing to share a copy of your student's transcript?

- Transcripts of successfully admitted students (and other college admission tips and advice)

- Course descriptions, gradeless transcripts, and other questions that keep me up at night

- Do you include course descriptions with the transcript?


Also try tag searches for "transcript", "transcripts", and "course descriptions". And an advanced search of the high school board with "transcript" in the keyword box for "search titles only".



As far as what to send to the colleges -- each is different, so you will need to put on your administrator/counselor hat now, and get in contact with each institution that your student is interested in attending for their specific policies. If you have not been doing course descriptions, a transcript or other administrative things up until now, I would focus on prepping/taking the SAT/ACT tests (if the student has not yet done so) and getting a transcript put together as your first priorities. Include online courses and dual enrollment and other outside-the-home courses on the transcript, clearly marked in some way as to where/how the credit was accomplished. Colleges will likely also want a copy of the official transcript from any dual enrollment courses. Remember to make COPIES of all your originals to send to the colleges -- they don't send your portfolio and record materials back.


As you learn more from the colleges, you can add more to your administrative "to do" list. Getting the college applications and essays done would be the next level of priority -- many have deadlines as early as January, so I'd work on that this fall. Check out this past thread on High School Time Table -- I gave a basic "what to do and when" list, and lots of people added great adjustments and additions for the college application part of the time table.



What is a Transcript

The transcript is a 1-page document -- a summary of a student's high school career. The transcript contains the personal information and the list of classes completed by the student, including the grade and amount of credit received for each class. The transcript can be structured in a vertical or horizontal format. It can be organized by year (Grade 9, Grade 10, etc.), or by school subject (English, Math, Social Studies, Science, etc.). Tailor the transcript to make it the very easiest for each individual college to best see what they're looking for -- many are looking for cummulative GPA (and how it was determined); any AP/Honors or CLEP credits; SAT/ACT test scores; and number of credits in certain subject areas -- so make those things EASY to find.


What Goes in a Transcript


1. student information

a. name, address, phone

b. birth date

c. gender


2. "school" information

a. heading: "official transcript" (upon graduation, be sure to include the words: "FINAL official transcript" in the heading)

b. name of your homeschool (if any)

c. graduation date

d. parent signature and date


3. courses completed

a. course name

b. credit earned

c. grade earned

d. notation of where credits were earned (home, online, community college, etc.)

e. notation if any credits were AP or Honors

f. notation of any CLEP credits earned


4. GPA (grade point average)

a. GPA for each year

b. cummulative GPA

c. grade scale (table to show how GPA was determined)


What Does NOT have to be in a Transcript

1. student's social security number (protect information that could be compromised!)

2. student photo

3. attendance record

(NOTE: in a few states attendance is required if using the transcript for applying for/participating in high school level sports, special programs, state-regulated graduation requirement, etc.; COLLEGES do NOT need/care about this)


Records to Keep to Support the Transcripts

1. primary support from national test scores

2. certificates/proofs of outside classwork

3. documentation to support how you arrived at grades (tests, samples of work)

4. documentation to support how you arrived at credits

(book lists; course descriptions; schedules, records of hours logged; etc.)

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