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Two health questions in one post....

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First, I'm seeing the indocrinologist on Tuesday for hyperthyroidism. I'm starting to freak out. Has anyone been treated for this? What did you do? Was it awful?


Second, my 18 year old has so many food intolerances. She has finally reduced her diet down to just fresh meat, eggs, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. She hasn't had symptoms for months down, but she is RAPIDLY gaining weight.


I mentioned it to my friend today, and she said that it is common when your body adjusts after not really being able to absorb the nutrition for food for so long before.


Has anyone ever heard of this?


The weight gain was only bothering me because it was so sudden, and I know she is not eating very much, and she is not eating anything that is unhealthy.


It is just strange.

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I was treated for hyperthyroidism right after dd13 was born.


I think i read in another thread of yours that you aren't in favor of a 'chemical protocol -- but that's what I did. I took some pill with an interminably long name, it had to be taken in a spoonful of sherbet or ice cream -- not swallowed with a glass of water b/c the taste was so awful.


The endocrinologist told me to keep moving from the minute i woke till the minute i fell back into bed. She said tht if I didn't start the day moving, this med would kick my butt and I wouldn't be able to do a thing -- with a three month old, that would have been difficult.


So i did what she said -- i was on the meds for five months and I lost a steady 10 pounds a month -- that's right -- 50 pounds -- i walked miles a day with dd in a bjorn carrier and then we began jogging with a baby jogger. we lived at the beach and it was spectacular.


6 months after stopping the meds, i became pg with twins -- they are almost 12 yrs old.

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DD11 was about 6yo when we finally got a handle on her worst food allergies (potatos of all things!). She put on 10 pounds in 2 months - from 38 pounds to 48 pounds on the official doctor scale. Her allergist was delighted, as were all of her other docs - she was seriously underweight. She also grew about an inch and a half during that time.

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