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Human Odyssey with SWB's History of the Medieval World

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Okay, changes are a coming for my 7th grader. I got Human Odyssey Prehistory through the Middle Ages and love it. Had planned on using with History Odyssey Middle ages. However, not particularly liking history O and not finding Kingfisher History meaty enough. So, where do I go from here?


Found the links to match H.O. with SOTW 2. Don't necessarily want to read SOTW but the activity guide seems to be better than history odyssey's. I just got SWB's History of the Medieval World. Has anyone per chance already read it and did a link up with Human Odyssey???? I'm thinking perhaps or would it be too much? Don't want to kill the kid with too much busy work and I know I'll end up doing much of the reading.


I just want something easy to plan, implement and hopefully get him to do more independently. Asking too much, too little. Overthinking it?



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There's a pretty huge difference in level between those two books. I have my dd doing Human Odyssey this year and ds doing SWB's HotAW and HotMW and I really like both sets of books, but... If HO is the right level, I think HotAW and HotMW would be extremely challenging. Also, to finish both of SWB's books, you have to read roughly 40-50pp per week while also reading 1-2 chapters of HO a week, and you'd still cover more ground chronologically with HO...


If I were you, I would consider adding the DK History (Definitive Visual Guide) instead. It's a big step up from Kingfisher in terms of reading level and quantity of detail, but it's not as overwhelming as HotAW/MW in terms of quantity of text and has more visual appeal. You could fairly easily assign a chapter or two of HO each week *and* have him follow the WTM directions for outlining or summarizing 2-page spreads from History on the other days. Keep a timeline.


History Odyssey is nice because it applies the WTM instructions for you, but I think it focuses too much on minutia without letting kids settle in with a subject and explore -- it's too busy asking them to write a single sentence about 12 different people in one day. And after using Kingfisher in Elementary, my kids were ready to move on to something meatier! ... But you don't *have* to have every assignment written down a la HO. You can just follow the Logic Stage directions in WTM for using an encyclopedia (and I like the DK one linked -- it's challenging but not overwhelming) while letting Human Odyssey anchor your readings.


And, of course, add in myths and legends from the time period and some historical fiction to round it all out.


I'm loving HotAW and HotMW, but I'd save them for high school.

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Well I think one problem you'll have is that History of the Medieval World doesn't cover as much time-wise as Human Odyssey. I have a kid in each level this year as we do the medieval period -- one is using SOTW 2 (2nd grade), one is using HO (6th grade), and one is using History of the Medieval World (9th grade). I've aligned the younger two so they'll be studying the same things at the same time (and my middle loves SOTW), but my older is on his own. They all start a the same time (Roman Empire and decline), but HotMW spends more time on the decline and fall and (obviously) more depth.


And whereas SOTW 2 ends with Shakespeare and early European contact with the Americas, HotMW ends in the Crusades. So a lot more depth, but not as far-reaching time-wise.

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If you want to follow along with him in SWB's book while he's doing Human Odyssey, start with her Story of the Ancient World. I'm finding it interesting to go back and forth between them with a high schooler using SWB's two books and a logic-stager doing Human Odyssey. :)

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