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just need to vent a little re: my underachiever


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Just wanted to say I feel your pain! Sounds like you are doing the right thing.

It's such a fine line between not advocating enough and over advocating, isn't it? I always hated the possibility of being thought the pushy parent, but sometimes it was that or a miserable kid. Actually, it ended up mostly being a miserable kid anyway, but there was no way to know that.

Stay strong!

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No advice. Just commiseration.


I'm on strike for a while here. Had started considering a virtual school but my husband has taken over. He's got the responsibility for teaching. I just run us all over town during the day :)

It's a completely different dynamic and the change is good. I figure we'll come out of this in a better place, but it is a tricky transition.


One of the changes has been limited (severely) video gaming (and screen time). It's my son's birthday today (10...need to change sig) and he and my husband are playing MineCraft together as part of the birthday present (a number of marbles meaning electronic time that must be redeemed by Sunday). My son was thrilled to get the marbles since it's video game time!


Wish there were a better way to motivate him...

Hope things get better for you!

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Thanks for commiserating, friends :). I had a good talk with the teacher, who understands the issue. And, ds9 will get the math level that I think makes the most sense for him (mm5). He feels inferior to his twin brother, who is working in AoPS (even though he could have been, had the last couple years worked out differently - they have similar abilities). Now I need to build some goodwill with the teacher so I can convince her to let him use AoPS in his classroom too in another year or so :tongue_smilie:


I'm glad everything is falling into place for your DS. :001_smile:


Good Luck for the bolded part.:D

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