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Essentials in writing or Evan-moor writing books?


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You link doesn't work...


The question can't be answered on it's own-what type of learner is your child? What do you want out of the writing program?

How much can your child do on their own and how much guidance do they need?


Essentials in Writing has the DVD segment and might be helpful for auditory learners and those that learn better from someone else other than mom.


Evan Moor books are great resources and I've used them through the years. I tend to use them more as supplements though, not a complete program. Though, I do think some of them could be used by themselves. Since I can't see what you are linking to, not sure about the ones you are referring to.


If you give a little more info, I'm sure you'll get more info.

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The 6 Traits Writing on are my wishlist. They look good for doing mini-lessons when I have a student who isn't ready yet to buckle down into an intensive and consistent plan of writing study. I can do a mini-lesson, and then just let the student journal or write a letter or post at a forum, and attempt to begin applying the mini-lesson to her everyday life writing.


I've looked at a lot of Evan-Moor. The only titles I personally like right now, are the daily science and the daily 6-trait. I think both are really good. Otherwise I usually prefer the Mark Twain and Carson-Dellosa titles, which have the added plus of recently becoming so cheap.

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