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K12's Scantron

Just Robyn

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My kids are taking this test. Anybody know where I can see what the score is supposed to mean? When my oldest finished the reading test it just gave him a number as a score, but I have know idea if that number is supposed to suggested his grade level in reading, his lexile level, or something else.

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We don't get the scores upon completing the scantron the teacher has to send them to us.


When we receive the scores they usually provide some info like what they scored, what the district average score is, what the national percentile rank is.


At the bottom of that doc it contains this info (not sure if you have any of these parts but it is at the bottom of every report we get):


Unit Score Ranges: Student's estimated ability in individual topic areas, including standard error of measure.

SEM: The Standard Error of Measurement (SEM) measures the extent to which the student's Scaled Score varies from his/her true score.

Reading Rate: This score is based on a silent reading rate. The rate is calculated by counting the number of words in the passages the student read and dividing that number by the time it took the student to read those passages. Certain test taking techniques may alter the accuracy of this rate. This score will only be accurate if the student reads the story before answering questions. NM (Not Measured) will be displayed if the student's silent reading rate was not measurable.

NPR: National Percentile Rank for a student represents the percentage of students within his/her grade level with Scaled Scores below his/her Scaled Score.

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