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Singapore Math 2A and Manipulatives


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We started Singapore Math 2A (Primary, US edition) this week. Previously we had used the texts for 1A and 1B and supplemented with C-Rods and some other workbooks.


Can anyone advise me on what else I might want to use? I have the home instructors guide, the text and workbook, plus an extra workbook published by Frank Schaffer, just because my twins seem to love workbooks.


Since I have C-Rods do you think there would be any benefit to using base ten blocks? I am curious if there are other useful manipulatives that I could purchase or make that would help round out this curriculum?


Thanks, I appreciated any information or advise on getting the most out of Singaopore Math. So far the kids think math is the most fun subject, and I am happy about that. :001_smile:

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I think manipulatives are important to solidifying the concepts, but I don't think you have to spend lots of money to buy them. Rather than buying math manipulatives, I see what we have around the house or what I can make. Here are the items I remember using last year when my son was in 2A and B:


  • Legos (for base 10 blocks, C-rods, and anything else we needed them for)
  • printed out number disks (I just made them in a table in Word and cut them apart)
  • Monopoly money
  • A clock with hands that he could turn (from off the wall in the house)
  • different measuring cups
  • measuring tape, ruler, yard stick, a stick from the yard that we cut to a meter long
  • dice
  • a hundred chart, printed from the Internet


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I hadn't thought of Legos! but that would be great. I was wondering about the number discs and didn't think to print them out, which would work just fine. Thanks for the ideas :)


I agree that manipulatives are important for concepts and make math more fun. Last year we played shopping a lot, where we would label toys and take it in turn being the cashier and making change.

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