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I shouldn't be sad, but I am

Violet Crown

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Great Girl starts at Big State U. this morning. She's living at home and biking in, just like the last year when we "high schooled" by letting her sit in on intro courses with consent of instructor, and she did her other homeschooling in dh's campus office.


Nothing has changed, really, except the hefty transfer we just made from our bank account to Big State's coffers. I packed her a lunch as usual, kissed her goodbye, and off she and dh went on their bikes.


Why am I so very sad then?

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I think part of our sadness is because our minds know that an "age" of our life has come to an end and a new one has begun. This makes us feel old even though our brains tell us we aren't old. When one is 18, feeling old is liberating, but when one is our age, not so much.



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